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Your Space should fit your family.

Working on gradual improvements to this yacht, we created something that would comfortably fit the family and reflect their casual elegance. Although the boat has nearly doubled in size from its original form, we were careful to ensure that the additions fit seamlessly with the rest of the structure, appearing as though the cottage has always been what it is today. A favorite feature of mine is the dining section we added.

Project Overview

  • Renovation Plans
  • Interior Design
  • Project Oversight
  • Trades-people Coordination

“I have worked with Marino for over a decade on projects from the simple to full reconstruction. He has always taken as much care as if it were her own yacht, no detail too small, no effort too large! His network of local craftsmen and professionals is enviable. He is also a jolly person to work with, so it doesn’t feel like work!”

— Joed Nicolas, Yacht Owner